June 23, 2024

H-E-B Launches Limited Edition San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Ice Cream in Celebration of 75th Anniversary

In commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the iconic San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo, H-E-B has unveiled a delectable limited edition ice cream under its Creamy Creations line. This exclusive treat promises a unique flavor experience that captures the essence of the celebrated rodeo event.

Available for a limited time only and exclusively in select South Texas H-E-B stores, the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo ice cream is a delightful creation that showcases the rich and indulgent qualities of H-E-B’s 1905 chocolate ice cream. Infused with roasted pecans and chocolate cookie swirls, this frozen delight promises to be a palate-pleasing experience for ice cream enthusiasts.

What sets this limited edition apart is not just its delectable flavor profile but also its commitment to quality. The San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo ice cream proudly boasts no artificial flavors, providing consumers with a guilt-free indulgence in every scoop.

This special release is a nod to the rich history and cultural significance of the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo, an event that has become a staple in the region’s identity. The 75th-anniversary celebration marks a significant milestone, and H-E-B’s limited edition ice cream serves as a delicious tribute to the rodeo’s enduring legacy.

Customers can choose between a half-gallon or pint-sized container of this exclusive flavor, making it suitable for both solo indulgence and sharing with family and friends. The product is conveniently located in the freezer section of select H-E-B stores in South Texas.

Texans and ice cream enthusiasts alike are encouraged to seize the opportunity to savor the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo ice cream while supplies last. The limited edition status ensures that this flavorful creation will only be available for a short duration, adding an element of exclusivity to the overall experience.

In addition to capturing the essence of the rodeo, the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo ice cream proudly supports the Go Texan initiative, promoting local products and flavors that showcase the unique taste of the Lone Star State.

As the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo approaches its milestone anniversary, H-E-B’s limited edition ice cream provides a sweet and memorable way for the community to join in the celebration. Whether enjoyed during rodeo festivities or as a delightful treat at home, this exclusive flavor promises to be a highlight for ice cream enthusiasts and rodeo fans alike. So, saddle up and scoop it up while you can!