April 14, 2024

H-E-B Launches 11th Annual Quest for Texas Best, Scouting Top-Notch Texas-Made Products

H-E-B, the renowned Texas-based grocery giant based in San Antonio, is set to kick off its highly anticipated 11th annual “Quest for Texas Best” competition this Wednesday, February 21st. The Lone Star state-wide search aims to discover and celebrate the finest Texas-made products, showcasing the rich diversity and innovation within the local community.

Running from February 21 through April 4, the competition invites aspiring Texas entrepreneurs and producers to submit their unique creations for a chance to win a share of the impressive $70,000 in cash prizes. Beyond the monetary rewards, winners also secure the coveted opportunity to see their products prominently displayed on the shelves of H-E-B stores across the state.

The Quest for Texas Best has become a platform for artisans, small businesses, and culinary enthusiasts to shine, with H-E-B serving as a launchpad for local success stories. The competition spans various categories, from delectable snacks and savory sauces to innovative beverages and everything in between.

To qualify, participants must ensure that their submissions reflect the authenticity and quality that embody the spirit of Texas. The competition has been a game-changer for many, providing a unique chance to turn dreams into reality by securing a place on the shelves of one of the largest and most beloved grocery chains in the state.

H-E-B has consistently demonstrated its commitment to supporting local businesses and fostering a sense of community. The Quest for Texas Best aligns with this ethos, celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit that makes Texas a beacon of innovation.

As the competition unfolds, the Lone Star state eagerly anticipates the unveiling of this year’s Texas treasures. Entrepreneurs and food artisans alike are encouraged to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to showcase their passion and products to a wider audience.

For more information and to submit entries, participants can visit the official Quest for Texas Best website. H-E-B looks forward to unearthing the next wave of Texas greatness and continues its tradition of bringing the best of Texas to every Texan’s table.

Quickly register for one of the four video meetings as spaces are limited.

In the most creative way describe the following in a 2-minute video:

  • How & where the product is made
  • Imagery of the actual product
  • Why H-E-B should select your product as the Best in Texas
  • Anything else that you want to tell H-E-B that would help you as a finalist!

March 6: 11AM – 12:30PM 

March 13: 10AM – 11:30PM

March 21: 1PM – 2:30PM 

March 27: 1PM – 2:30PM

See official rules.

Good luck to all who enter!

About H-E-B:
H-E-B, headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, is a leading supermarket chain known for its commitment to quality, community support, and offering an extensive range of products. The Quest for Texas Best competition exemplifies H-E-B’s dedication to promoting local businesses and providing customers with unique, Texas-made options.