April 12, 2024

Gov. Greg Abbott allowing more businesses to open May 8

AUSTIN – Texas Governor Greg Abbott gave the order for salons to reopen their businesses on Friday, May 8 with strict guidelines. This means that barbershops, tanning facilities, hair and nail salons can open back up. Only one customer per stylist will be allowed. The customer and the stylist must wear face covering. People waiting must abide by the 6 foot social distancing from others or wait in their vehicle. It is best for the practice to have an appointment system in place to help stagger the customers.

Gov. Abbott said that funerals, burials, memorials and weddings can be held as long as they’re abiding by the 25% capacity limitation of the venue, practice safe social distancing from the parties and use the same standards that restaurants are using.

Parks and recreational activities while outside, the Governor clarified it is recommended but not required for people to wear masks while at beaches, parks, lakes and rivers. Groups to be limited to no more than 5 people.

On May 18th, Gov. Abbott gives the ok for gyms to reopen but need to sanitize all equipment between uses. Guests must wear gloves while working out. Exercise equipment must be 6 feet from others or disable the certain amount of equipment to allow the usage. Locker and shower rooms will remain closed to guests.

Non-essential businesses that manufacture can reopen but must abide by the 25% capacity and maintain social distancing. If social distancing can’t be done, then the business owner needs to figure out a way to create a barrier between staff.

Office buildings can re-open but there is a maximum limit of no more than 5 employees or 25% of the staff while abiding the social distancing guidelines.

There are “surge response teams” on standby to be deployed to any areas of Texas that have flare ups.

As far as bars are concerned, there is no opening date as of yet due to more conversations to be had about how to open them up safely.