February 26, 2024

Frustration Mounts Among Residents of the Ranches at Creekside Over Delayed Amenities

In the quiet Boerne, Texas community over at Ranches at Creekside, residents are growing increasingly exasperated with the persistent delay of long-promised amenities. The source of their discontent? A six-year-old “Amenities Coming Soon” sign that has become a symbol of unfulfilled promises and dashed expectations posted to a What’s Happening in Boerne Facebook group page.

Despite attempts to pacify residents with temporary fencing, the lack of progress on the promised amenities has left a bitter taste in the mouths of those eagerly awaiting the completion of the community’s recreational center. This summer, porta-potties will once again be brought in for families to use at the pool, a makeshift solution that falls short of the anticipated convenience of a fully functional facility.

Adding a touch of irony to the situation, a neon pink sign recently appeared next to the weathered “Amenity Center Coming Soon” sign. In bold letters, it posed the poignant question, “How many more years!? We’ve been waiting 6 years.”

Community members have expressed their frustration, emphasizing that the prolonged delay not only affects their quality of life but also impacts the overall appeal and value of their properties. Many chose to settle in the Ranches at Creekside with the promise of a vibrant community center and recreational amenities for their families. The Highland Homes website still says “future developer planned amenity center.”

In response to the growing discontent, community leaders have been urged to address the situation promptly and transparently. Residents are seeking clear timelines and updates on the status of the amenities, eager for tangible progress that aligns with the initial promises made when they invested in their homes.

As the Ranches at Creekside community waits for a resolution, the neon sign remains a vivid reminder of the frustrations shared by those eagerly anticipating the completion of the long-promised amenities. The question on everyone’s mind remains: how much longer will the community have to endure the delay before enjoying the benefits they were promised six years ago? The answer remains elusive, leaving residents with an unshakeable sense of disappointment.

Update: A few days later the developer of the property started excavating the land for development.


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