February 26, 2024

Frost Bank Center Takes Over as New Name for Spurs Arena After 50 Years

In a monumental shift for San Antonio sports history, first it was named SBC Center, then rebranded as the iconic AT&T Center, long associated with the San Antonio Spurs, has undergone a transformative name change to become the Frost Bank Center on August 3, 2023. This change marks the next level of partnership between the Spurs and Frost Bank, solidifying a relationship that has spanned over five decades.

The announcement was made at a press conference attended by Spurs team officials, representatives from Frost Bank, and city dignitaries. The decision to rename the sports arena was met with excitement and enthusiasm from the San Antonio community.

The AT&T Center has been a cherished home for the San Antonio Spurs since it opened its doors in 2002. Over the years, the arena has witnessed countless thrilling moments, emotional victories, and the raising of five championship banners. The partnership with AT&T was an integral part of this journey, and the telecommunications giant has been a significant supporter of the Spurs’ endeavors.

However, as the sponsorship agreement with AT&T came to an end, the Spurs organization saw an opportunity to take their partnership to new heights. The marriage of two San Antonio institutions, the Spurs and Frost Bank, who have both been deeply embedded in the community, seemed like a natural fit.

Frost Bank, founded in San Antonio in 1868, has a long-standing legacy in the city and has been committed to enriching the lives of its residents through various community programs and initiatives. With this name change, Frost Bank reaffirms its dedication to the San Antonio community and its passion for supporting local sports.

The Frost Bank Center will see no immediate physical changes, ensuring that the iconic elements of the arena, such as the beloved Spurs colors, the championship banners, and the rich history it holds, will remain intact. As far as new signage, the transformation would be transitional as time comes.

As the Spurs gear up for another season at the newly rebranded Frost Bank Center, the community eagerly anticipates the positive impact of this next level partnership. With the city’s unwavering support, the San Antonio Spurs and Frost Bank are set to create lasting memories for generations to come, both on and off the court.

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