February 23, 2024

All of San Antonio Foundation

All of San Antonio Foundation – 501(c)3 organization: EIN: 83-3728357

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For the children.

We care about the children as well as the community. That’s why we created the All of San Antonio Foundation to help our people not only here in San Antonio, but around South Texas.

Without our wonderful donors, we wouldn’t be able to tend to or care for any child including those that were separated from the border. Children that were or are abused. We strive to make a difference on this planet, starting right here at home. Please join us in making a contribution of any kind so that we can move forward with our mission and help the youth in our community.

Telling true stories of San Antonio.

Our powerful media brand is unlike any other out there. We tell the real story on how it is. No twist. No manipulation. No agenda. Just powerful journalism. This brand is funded by you so that we can help the community. Whether you’re starting a brand new business and need the outreach. Your business needs desperate help because of a natural disaster, we’re here.

We reach out to San Antonians by helping make a difference one person at a time. We do what is right for the community. We bring our community together through various methods and means including our festivals. We strengthen our community and economy. Making sure that our community is cared and looked after. Including everyone in our community, making sure that nobody is left out. Our stories tell the simple truth and don’t manipulate the narrative.

It starts here in San Antonio.

Looking out for those who are struggling and lend a helping hand. Making sure that San Antonio’s story is seen and heard. We are a non-profit media organization that listens and helps our community in many different ways. Our network helps spread the word for the community. We can’t do it alone though, we need the help from the community to help us achieve our mission.

The All of San Antonio Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization which serves the community within Bexar County and the city of San Antonio as well as South Texas. Forever growing, we are striving to make a great local impact in our community. That’s what makes us All of San Antonio. Everyone together.

Contact us: Foundation@AllofSA.net 

Phone number: (210) 701-0441

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