May 23, 2024

FatHead Pizza: The New Slice in Downtown San Antonio’s West End: Stubbornly Delicious New York-Style Pizza with an Elevated Twist

SAN ANTONIO, TX – Today marks the grand opening of FatHead Pizza, a fresh addition to downtown San Antonio’s culinary landscape. Located in the historic Exchange Building at 152 E. Pecan Street, Suite 101, on the corner of Pecan and N. St. Mary’s, FatHead Pizza brings the bold flavors of New York-style pizza to the heart of the city.

The brainchild of local entrepreneurs Joseph G. Gonzales and Dan Ward, FatHead Pizza promises a unique dining experience with its “Stubbornly Delicious” approach to pizza. This locally owned establishment is the result of Gonzales’ and Ward’s shared vision to create a vibrant culinary destination that resonates with the community.

Guests can anticipate chef-crafted pizzas, including gluten-free and vegan options, along with fresh salads, hearty subs, housemade desserts, and a thoughtfully curated selection of beer and wine. The restaurant also offers weekly grab-and-go lunch specials tailored to meet the needs of urban professionals, locals, and tourists seeking a quick yet satisfying meal.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the opening, Gonzales shared, “Opening FatHead Pizza has been a dream in the making. Working alongside Dan to bring this vision to life has been an incredible journey. We brought a local team together to build a new local brand. FatHead Pizza is locally designed, owned, and operated. We’re here to offer not just good food but an experience that’s affordable, vibrant, and deeply connected to our community.”

Ward echoed Gonzales’ sentiments, emphasizing the broader impact of the project on downtown’s west end. “This project is more than just a restaurant; it’s a catalyst for growth in downtown’s west end. We’re thrilled to contribute to the local economy and workforce development, providing a new, exciting dining destination for everyone in San Antonio. It’s exciting to see all of the new local living development coming to this side of downtown making it a true local neighborhood.”

In bringing their vision to life, Gonzales and Ward collaborated with local woman-owned businesses. Lustrous Public Relations, a local marketing agency, handled the branding and marketing plans, while Haus of Powell curated the elevated urban interior design, adding to the restaurant’s distinctive ambiance.

FatHead Pizza heralds a new era in downtown’s west-end culinary scene, inviting all to savor a slice of stubbornly delicious New York-style pizza in a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere.