June 12, 2024

Farewell to a Sweet Decade: Chocollazo Bids Adieu as The Ivy League Plant Shop Takes Root

As we bid farewell to 2023 and welcome the promises of 2024, it is with both nostalgia and anticipation that we share some bittersweet news from a beloved local establishment. After a decade of bringing sweetness and joy to the community, Chocollazo, a renowned chocolate haven, has announced that it will be closing its doors on February 16th.

The owners of Chocollazo expressed their gratitude to the community for the immense support and loyalty over the past 10 years. In a heartfelt message, they thanked everyone who had been a part of their remarkable journey, turning a simple chocolate shop into a cherished chapter in their lives.

“While this marks the end of one era for us, we carry with us countless memories and the warmth of the relationships we’ve built,” the owners shared.

Amidst the emotions of bidding farewell to Chocollazo, the family has exciting news to share. Their daughter, Mikala Ivy, is set to take over and embark on her dream of becoming a business owner. Mikala will be venturing into a different realm with the opening of “The Ivy League Plant Shop.”

The Ivy League Plant Shop promises to be a haven for plant enthusiasts and those seeking a touch of greenery in their lives. The new venture aims to continue the legacy of providing joy and satisfaction to the community, albeit in a different form.

“We’re thrilled to see Mikala follow her passion and vision. The Ivy League Plant Shop is a testament to her dreams, and we can’t wait to see it flourish just like Chocollazo did,” said the owners.

The family invites everyone to join them in this transition by following Mikala’s journey on social media. You can find her at @mikala.ivy and stay updated on the latest developments as The Ivy League Plant Shop takes root. The community is encouraged to show their support by giving her a follow and spreading the word.

In their farewell message, the family extended special thanks to @katieeepants and @jennybug579 for their unwavering support during challenging times, keeping the Chocollazo legacy alive.

As the doors of Chocollazo close, a new chapter begins with The Ivy League Plant Shop. The community is invited to embrace the change, celebrate the memories, and look forward to the next sweet adventure in San Antonio.

Here’s to the past, the present, and the exciting future that awaits in 2024!

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