June 16, 2024

Exciting News: Schlitterbahn New Braunfels to Unveil Schatze’s Storybrook Park in 2024

Get ready for an enchanting adventure at Schlitterbahn New Braunfels as the park announces the grand opening of Schatze’s Storybrook Park in 2024. Nestled in the heart of the original section of the park, this all-new area promises to bring joy and wonder to visitors of all ages.

Schatze’s Storybrook Park is the brainchild of Texas’s favorite short-legged hound, Schatze, who has reimagined beloved fairy tales into puppy-themed adventures bursting with splish-splash fun. From whimsical water slides to interactive water features, this new attraction is sure to be a hit with families seeking a delightful day out.

One of the highlights of Schatze’s Storybrook Park is the world’s first kids’ water coaster, the Bow Wow Blaster. A miniature version of Schlitterbahn’s renowned Master Blaster, this pint-sized coaster offers thrills and excitement for little ones who may not be ready for the bigger rides just yet.

The park is divided into three charming worlds: Fur-Bidden Forest, Schatze’s Paw’nd, and Fairy Tail Trail, each offering its own unique attractions and experiences. Visitors can stroll along winding sidewalks that connect these areas, immersing themselves in an enchanted land filled with laughter and adventure.

In the Fur-Bidden Forest, guests will encounter water-gushing mushrooms, tree-shaped water slides, and a gigantic tipping water bucket that promises to drench all who come near. Schatze’s retold stories, including Little Red Riding Hound and the Three Little Pugs, come to life in this magical setting.

Schatze’s Paw’nd area features the Bow Wow Blaster water coaster, along with a shallow “paw’nd” where little ones can splash and play to their heart’s content. Meanwhile, Fairy Tail Trail offers toddler-friendly slides, play fountains, and interactive experiences inspired by classic fairy tales.

Whether you’re sliding down water slides or tiptoeing through enchanted forests, Schatze’s Storybrook Park is a place where imaginations soar and memories are made. Don’t miss out on the fun – plan your visit today and experience the magic for yourself!