February 23, 2024

Eat Chingon: A Culinary Adventure Inside Lombrano Food Hall

Lombrano Food Hall, located at 427 Lombrano Street, just minutes outside downtown San Antonio off I-10, is revolutionizing the traditional food hall experience with its restaurant co-op concept. One standout among the 20+ partner restaurants housed within is Eat Chingon – a ghost kitchen that’s making waves with its unique culinary offerings. Unfortunately there aren’t any dining in options here but we did see two picnic tables outside near the entrance.

Modernizing the Food Hall Experience

Lombrano Food Hall aims to be the go-to spot for convenient to-go meals. Embracing technology, they’ve streamlined the ordering process with online web ordering and touchscreen kiosks, providing easy access to a diverse array of cuisines all under one roof.

Culinary Excellence from Colorado to San Antonio

Among the culinary gems at Lombrano Food Hall is Eat Chingon, founded by Stephannie and Tyler Beyers. Bringing their culinary expertise from Colorado to San Antonio, they infuse international flavors into their dishes, creating a unique and delightful culinary experience.

Freshness and Preparation

During a visit to Eat Chingon‘s kitchen, it was evident how freshness is prioritized in every dish. The meticulous preparation showcased their commitment to delivering top-notch quality to patrons. Notably, Eat Chingon holds the City of San Antonio’s Por Vida stamp of approval, signifying a dedication to creating healthy environments in San Antonio.

Three Must-Try Dishes from their menu: 

1. Falafel Wrap with Chingon Chips
– Garlic Herb Flour tortilla with baba ganoush, falafel, arugula, tomatoes, and pickled red onion.
– Served with a side of salt and pepper chips.

2. Katsu Pollo with Chingon Chips:
– Breaded and deep-fried chicken, topped with shredded katsu slaw and pickled zucchini.
– Served on fresh toasted focaccia bread.
– Comes with a side of salt and pepper chips.

3. Bueno Beignets:
– Three deep-fried pastries tossed and dusted with a special secret blended powdered sugar.

Eat Chingon at Lombrano Food Hall promises a culinary adventure, blending international flavors with a commitment to freshness and quality. As part of a dynamic food co-op, they contribute to the modernization of the food hall experience, making it a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts in San Antonio.


Give Eat Chingon a try and make an order online. 


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