June 16, 2024

Dog Haus Biergarten and Kitchens Navigate Transition in San Antonio

In a recent update from Dog Haus Biergarten and Dog Haus kitchens in San Antonio, patrons received insights into the current status of various locations from Michael Lopez, expressing gratitude for the ongoing support and patronage.

Two of their locations, Bandera and McIntyres, unfortunately had to close temporarily. The Bandera location is in the process of upgrading its equipment, inherited from the previous owner, with a new ownership contract pending corporate approval. While the reopening date is tentative, the team is optimistic about a return by the end of March.

Meanwhile, at Potranco, new ownership is actively renegotiating its lease agreement with the building owners and is awaiting their response.

The McIntyres kitchen, at present, remains closed until further notice. The team, however, is committed to reestablishing this partnership at the earliest convenience.

For patrons in Stone Oak, the location is currently open for walk-in traffic and accessible through various delivery platforms such as Door Dash, Uber Eats, and Grub Hub. However, the establishment will be closed on Monday, March 4th for the installation of new equipment from the incoming ownership but will reopen regular hours thereafter. Notably, the Dog Haus app is currently incompatible with the existing software, necessitating the installation of new systems.

As Dog Haus Biergarten and kitchens navigate this transitional phase, patrons eagerly await the reopening of their favorite spots and the enhancements that come with the changes.