June 23, 2024

DeLorean Motor Company selects San Antonio as global headquarters

Remember the DeLorean? The popular car that was the star of the show in Back to the Future which doors opened vertically. The company is making a huge comeback as an all electric vehicle. They’ll be moving their headquarters to San Antonio that will bring approximately 450 jobs to our market that includes anything from executive, management positions to engineering.

The company will also produce their new electric vehicle here in the Alamo City, once “various incentive packages” are good to go. Details on those specific incentive packages were not discussed.

The location of their new global headquarters will be at Port San Antonio, which is an upcoming area on the city’s westside near Lackland Air Force Base.


“We are grateful for the tremendous support we’ve received from the community,” CEO Joost de Vries stated in a news release. “San Antonio boasts a growing component and vehicle manufacturing sector as well as a wide array of global advanced manufacturing operations.”

In 1975, the DeLorean Motor Company was founded by John DeLorean in Detriot, Michagan. DeLorean will not be the only electric vehicle produced in the Lone Star State. Tesla had moved their global headquarters and manufacturing plant to the Austin area in 2021.