February 26, 2024

On Aug. 30 at the Charro Association Arena in San Antonio, Texas, the makers of the Corn Nuts® brand became the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title holder for largest piñata, which measured 6.161 meters wide, 18.015 meters long and 30.448 meters tall.

Corn Nuts sets new Guinness World Records title with largest piñata in San Antonio

In a spectacular display of creativity and culinary celebration, the makers of the beloved Corn Nuts brand, Hormel foods have officially claimed a coveted Guinness World Records title for constructing the world’s largest piñata.

The awe-inspiring feat took place on August 30, 2023, at the Charro Association Arena in San Antonio, Texas, marking a historic achievement for the Corn Nuts brand and its newest flavor innovation, Corn Nuts Mexican Street Corn.

Inspired by the mouthwatering elotes, a classic Mexican corn snack roasted and served right on the cob, the enormous corn-shaped piñata was a sight to behold. This colossal creation measured a staggering 6.161 meters / 20.21 feet wide, 18.015 meters / 59.1 feet long, and reached a towering height of 30.448 meters /99.89 feet.

The Piñata was designed by the creative minds of the Masa Collective and ACES HIGH, the piñata was a fitting tribute to the brand’s latest flavor sensation, Corn Nuts Mexican Street Corn.

Robbie Koons, Senior Brand Manager for Corn Nuts, expressed the team’s excitement about the record-breaking achievement, stating, “Our team wanted to find a way to pay homage to the delicious elotes that inspired our newest innovation, Mexican Street Corn. There’s no better way to celebrate than with a giant elote piñata and a brand-new record!”

The event at the Charro Association Arena was nothing short of spectacular, with attendees treated to a visual marvel as the gigantic Corn Nuts piñata took center stage. The piñata was adorned with colorful decorations, and inside, it was filled to the brim with a vast assortment of Corn Nuts products.

An official Guinness World Records adjudicator was present to oversee the record-breaking attempt and present the Corn Nuts brand team with their well-deserved certificate. The presentation marked the official recognition of the Corn Nuts brand as the new title holder for the “largest piñata” category, a record previously held by M&M’S since 2011.

This historic achievement adds another feather in the cap of the Corn Nuts brand, known for its innovation and delicious snacks. The larger-than-life piñata will now be included in the Guinness World Records family of remarkable achievements, securing its place in history and showcasing the incredible creativity and dedication of the Corn Nuts team.

As fans eagerly anticipate trying the new Corn Nuts Mexican Street Corn flavor, this record-breaking event serves as a testament to the brand’s commitment to delighting taste buds and bringing joy to snack enthusiasts around the world. The makers of Corn Nuts have certainly set the bar high when it comes to flavor innovation and record-breaking achievements.



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