July 12, 2024

City rejects apartment plans by Hays Street Bridge

On Friday, March 9th the city of San Antonio Historic and Design Review Commission had a 3-hour hearing with residents of the East side on the pending construction of a brand new apartment complex. The apartment complex would be built right next to the iconic Hays Street Bridge, which is a city landmark. Residents stated that they would have little to no benefit from the structure. Also, the complex would ruin the preservation of the historical bridge area.

The HDRC made a split decision. Four members of the board had supported the apartment complex while four opposed.

After regrouping and casting another vote, chairman Michael Guarino reversed his support.

This is the second meeting for the proposed project on the East side since the first opposition in December 2017.

The proposed apartment complex would have a public park, a restaurant built in, and office space.