April 18, 2024

City manager approves Hays Street Apartment project

Earlier in March the City of San Antonio Historic and Design Review Commission rejected the project in a 5-3 vote. Now, the project is moving forward with the approval from the City Manager, Sheryl Scully. Scully gave the project a list of condition to be met for moving forward of the development.

Scully told the San Antonio Express News:ย โ€œWeโ€™re trying to reach a compromise so that we can build additional housing that is so much needed for San Antonio but also respect the input from the community. Scully also noted that the SAHDRC approves projects if whether they meet design standards for the community being built and not for the overall project.

The new designs have to have hooded lighting to avoid lighting up the area neighborhoods, the complex has to be reduced in size to not take over the historic Hays Street Bridge, the facedes have to be divided up into smaller modulars to be more fit for the neighborhood.

New designs will be unveiled in the forthcoming.