April 14, 2024

City Manager announces retirement

Sheryl Sculley has announced she is retiring from her position as city manager. The 66-year-old has served the city of San Antonio since November 7, 2005. Sculley was recruited from Phoenix, where she served as the assistant city manger there for 16 years. Before that Sculley was the city manager of Kalamazoo, Michigan for 15 years. Sculley had received compensation of upwards of over $500,000 with bonuses up about $75,000 which made it very controversial with many residents in the city. There were campaigns from residents that wanted to see Sculley out of office.

Sculley had worked with four different mayors during her tenure with the city. She oversaw roughly 12,000 employees and handled the city budget of about $2.7 billion.

Recently Sculley had been under fire for being “overpaid” and even had became a target during the fall voting season. One of Sculley’s biggest accomplishments while in office was getting San Antonio its AAA bond rating from all three major agencies and with her get it done attitude. She had balanced 13 city budgets and reduced property taxes four times. Sculley eliminated over 1,600 civilian jobs with no layoffs and added over 600 police and fire positions.

Sculley said “I have decided to retire from the City of San Antonio in 2019. I have committed to the Mayor and the City Council to stay through the transition to the next city manager, but will leave no later than June 30, 2019.”

Sculley had wanted to retire for about two years but had powered through to see a number of projects go through such as the Frost Tower, restoration of city hall, moving the city offices to the now old Frost building and managing the 2017 Bond Program development and approval along with the Alamo plan.