April 18, 2024

City Council votes to revise codes for Animal Care Services

Thursday, August 2nd the San Antonio City Council approved a revision to the current chapter 5 city code that will require pet owners to provide shade to their pets at all times.

After Molly, a dog who had suffered severe thermal burns for being out in the Texas heat in direct sunlight inspired the change of code. Luckily for Molly, she was handed over to Animal Care Services and was adopted to someone that nurtured her back to health.

The city states that shade can be in the form of trees, shrubs, canopies, covered patios, awnings, umbrellas and any other source that provides shade for your pet.


Here’s a list of the additional changes to the animal ordinances.

  • Complete ban on the use of chains of any weight as tethering for dogs.
  • No more than one rooster is allowed per property within the city limits.
  • Strict spay and neuter requirements for dogs legally declared dangerous or repeatedly impounded for roaming.
  • Selling pets without a permit off the side of a road, at a flea market or any place unauthorized is strictly prohibited by law.
  • The city increased the number of chickens one can own on a property to eight.

For additional information, visit the San Antonio Animal Care Services website.