April 14, 2024

Chinese Graveyard

Lona China Cemetery or known to few as the Guzman Burial Ground is right off of S. Zarzamora Road on the South side of San Antonio near the Texas A&M at San Antonio campus.

Warning: The cemetery is private property so trespassers will be dealt with. Signs are posted at the front to discourage those brave enough to want to check the property. We think that is a terrible idea. Back in 1973, it was a different story as it was publicly open to anyone.

Before becoming a Chinese graveyard, over 120 years ago it was a private cemetery for the Guzman family. One of the great-Guzman’s was secretly seeing a Chinese woman at the property. One day lightning had struck the man and horse instantly killing them both. Both were buried in the cemetery. Guzman’s lover went to the gravesite and had killed herself. She was buried right next to the man.

Those who had the chance to visit the property had experienced a strange and deep feeling of spirits all around them. People have heard noises such as a baby crying.

One high-schooler in the past explained his experience: “Take as many people as possible and try not to leave any space for unwanted passengers who just might choose to appear in your backseat. Be very quiet and don’t look for lights floating in the sky. Keep your eyes on the graves. Hope you don’t see a man riding a horse. Never stop if you spot something peculiar and don’t pick up hitchhikers. Lastly, if it begins to lightening, even if there are no clouds, drive away immediately.”

One of the reasons why the property is under lock and key is because people were found doing witchcraft, black magic and other spiritual rituals on the property.