June 12, 2024

Photo courtesy of Twitter @FamilyGilbert

Camping at Brack is back this year

It has been two long years since the city of San Antonio put a pause on Easter camping at area city parks due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, things are getting more normal in a sense. The city of San Antonio has opened back traditional overnight camping at area parks for the Easter weekend break.

Starting on Thursday at 11PM, park curfews will be lifted and then resume back on Easter Sunday. There are no permits to obtain to camp and spots are available at a first come, first claim basis. Also, it is an unofficial San Antonio tradition to leave a rubber tire chained to the picnic table to claim the spot or a chair chained to a tree. However there are many creative ways people do to claim spots.

What to expect the day of: Well at Brack, hope you arrive early and we’re talking like 5 or 6 AM early to claim a spot because if you come later, you may be out of luck. Also, the traffic rolling in and out is pretty much bumper-to-bumper and parking is hard to find.

As always guests are always asked to mind their space and leave how it was when they arrived. Pick up litter and place full trash bags by the trash receptacles.

Brackenridge Park is the most popular park for locals followed by McAllister, Roosevelt, San Pedro, O.P Schnabel, Southside Lions, Woodlawn Lake and South Side Lions East.