July 12, 2024

Black Swan Inn

Victoria’s Black Swan Inn located atย 1006 Holbrook Rd. is a well known vintage events and wedding venue with a little bit of history behind it. The venue is not really a place for people to spend the night, but there are options such as the “Slumber Not Parties“. Since the age and history of the Inn, there is no air condition or central heating and there are limited power outlets.

The structure was built on 35 acres on same land that the Battle of Salado Creek happened in 1842 surrounded by hundreds of century old pecan and oak trees.ย 60 Mexicans and one Texan, Steven Jett had lost their lives on that very sacred ground where their bodies rotted into the earth.

Before becoming an inn, the property was built as a dairy house owned by Henry Mahler and wife Marie in 1887. There are beliefs that he haunts the milk barn and is an aggressive spirit who dislikes men and women. Electronic voice phenomenon or known as EVP has captured audio from paranormal investigators of a male voice saying “get out”.

Today, owner of the Victoria Black Swan Inn, Jo Ann Rivera had said that herย 9-year-old daughter Madison says she has witnessed a dark spirit in her room at night. Jo Ann also says that after she moved into the house in April of 1991, she was awakened at 3a.m. for 10 nights straight. She said that her bedroom door would just unlock and the hall way light would turn on. She saw a man in a white t-shirt and dark slacks standing at the foot of her bed with his hands on his hips before disappearing into the dark. One thing that frightened Jo Ann was on one rainy night, she saw an evil looking man staring through her second story bedroom window which no one can access.

People can book their own paranormal investigations at the house by calling 210-323-8424. If you’re not feeling an all nighter, an hour and a half tour is also available to do.