July 12, 2024

Barbacoa & Big Red Festival announces headliner

The Barbacoa & Big Red festival announced today the headliner for the 9th edition of the festival in celebration of San Antonio’s culture. Kevin Fowler will be taking the main stage front and center on Sunday, May 19, 2019 at The Greenline inside Brooks.

The lineup also includes Electric Cowboys, Los Desperadoz, Mario Flores, Jerry De Leon, Chris Lopez, The Tex Tones, Jorge Colombia, The Work Brothers, Whiskey 2 Step, RAD, Black Thunder, Conjunto Cats, Zero Gravity, Grupo Pecado, Killa Man Dead, Liz Garcia, Bad Weather, Stone, North American Pharaohs. The festival even has DJ’s to get things going featuring DJ Quake, DJ Joker, DJ Pre-Mo, DJ Chuy, DJ Cheve, DJ-JAY Cubed, DJ Gabe The Babe, DJ Xrised and DJ Lil Red.

See all of these acts including Kevin Fowler for only $5 pre-sale online at BBRFest.com or $10 the day of the event at the gate.