February 21, 2024

Barbacoa & Big Red Festival announces 2021 cancellation

We’re helping share the announcement of the cancellation of the 2021 Barbacoa & Big Red Festival. Due to COVID-19 still present in the community, the festival organizers took immediate action early in the year to cancel the annual event that would have been it’s 10th.

Last year, organizers had cancelled the event last minute because of how fast the deadly virus was spreading and impacting the community.

You can read the statement below.

“With COVID-19 still present in our community, we’re taking action now and cancelling the 2021 Barbacoa & Big Red Festival.

We have consulted our team of experts in health and wellness as well as our community leaders to play it safe by doing our part to help combat the spread of this deadly virus.

We are hoping to come back strong in 2022 and celebrate San Antonio’s staple of Barbacoa & Big Red once again safely as a community together.

Please be safe and continue to do your part in helping keep our community safe. “


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