February 23, 2024

Bar Du Mon Ami to close if city wide shutdown is inevitable

Local Bar Du Mon Ami located in Balcones Heights at 4901 Broadway could be shuttering if another COVID-19 spike causes a city or county shutdown of bars again.

According to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) which had adjusted their regulations for bars and clubs to stay open during the pandemic if they serve food. Now, 88% of the bars in the county are serving food in their establishments whether it be from their own kitchen or perhaps partnering up with a food truck to keep their operations afloat. With serving up food, there more licensing involved and more costs.

According to Bar Du Mon Ami owner Jonny Yumol, food isn’t an option and would be forced to shut down his bar permanently.

“I don’t have room to make a kitchen … I don’t have a way to market this place as a restaurant now,”said Yumol in a recent interview with local news KSAT 12.


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