February 26, 2024

Back Unturned Brewing Co. Triumphs at Fredericksburg Craft Beer Fest and Beer Competition

Back Unturned Brewing Co. has emerged victorious at the recent Fredericksburg Craft Beer Fest and Beer Competition, bagging an impressive haul of four medals. Led by the talented brewer Ben, affectionately known as Beer Viking, the team’s dedication and hard work have paid off in the form of outstanding brews that stood out among the fierce competition. Let’s take a closer look at the winning beers and celebrate their achievements.

1st Place: Fiesta-Veza Mexican Lager

The Fiesta-Veza Mexican Lager secured the top spot in the highly competitive international lager category. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this refreshing brew pays homage to traditional Mexican flavors. Crisp and clean, it delivers a perfect balance of malt and hops, leaving beer enthusiasts delighted with every sip.

1st Place: Poderosa – Mango Chamoy Sour

In the specialty fruit beer category, Back Unturned Brewing Co.’s Poderosa – Mango Chamoy Sour took home the gold. Combining the tropical goodness of mango with the tangy kick of chamoy, this beer showcases the team’s innovative approach to crafting unique flavor profiles. The result is a tantalizing brew that captivates the taste buds and leaves a lasting impression.

2nd Place: Hawaii 210 – Hawaii Inspired Sour 

Continuing their success in the specialty fruit beer category, Back Unturned Brewing Co. claimed the silver medal with their Hawaii 210 – Hawaii Inspired Sour. Infused with the essence of the Hawaiian islands, this beer offers a delightful combination of tropical fruits and a subtle sourness that evokes memories of sandy beaches and swaying palm trees.

3rd Place: Dream Juice Hazy IPA

In the fiercely competitive hazy IPA category, Back Unturned Brewing Co.’s Dream Juice secured the third-place position. With its hazy appearance and juicy hop profile, this IPA exemplifies the team’s mastery in brewing modern beer styles. Bursting with tropical and citrus flavors, it delivers a rich and satisfying experience for IPA enthusiasts.

Celebrating the Team’s Achievements:

The entire team at Back Unturned Brewing Co. is beaming with pride as they reflect on their recent triumphs. These well-deserved accolades serve as a testament to their dedication, craftsmanship, and relentless pursuit of brewing excellence. Ben, the mastermind behind these award-winning creations, has truly earned his title as Beer Viking.

As Back Unturned Brewing Co. continues its journey, these medals provide an invigorating boost, inspiring the team to reach new heights. With each sip, beer enthusiasts can taste the passion, innovation, and commitment that go into every batch.

Back Unturned Brewing Co.’s success at the Fredericksburg Craft Beer Fest and Beer Competition is a cause for celebration. The team’s remarkable achievement of four medals is a testament to their unwavering dedication and talent. From the crisp Fiesta-Veza Mexican Lager to the exotic flavors of Poderosa, Hawaii 210, and Dream Juice, each brew showcases the brewery’s commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional taste experiences.

So, if you happen to visit Back Unturned Brewing Co., don’t forget to give Ben (Beer Viking) a high-five for his outstanding work. Cheers to their success and to the promising future that lies ahead for this remarkable craft brewery!



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