June 23, 2024

Authentic Nicaraguan Flavors Arrive in San Antonio

San Antonio’s culinary landscape is expanding with the addition of Fritanga Nicaraguense, a new food truck bringing the rich flavors of Nicaragua to the city. Owner Maryina Juarez is passionate about sharing her heritage and introducing San Antonio residents to the authentic cuisine of her home country.

“I am grateful with all my heart to my heavenly father for giving me the opportunity of this new venture and being able to serve our community. Please support us as always because without you and the blessing from above we will not be able to continue. We are ready to give our best effort. ..up Nicaragua!!!”

The menu at Fritanga Nicaraguense features a variety of classic Nicaraguan dishes, including grilled beef, grilled pork or chicken, beef enchiladas, pork with yuca, Nicaraguan mixed platter, grilled cheese, tacos, Nicaraguan-style stew, beef with fried plantains and cheese, and Nicaraguan tamales.

For those seeking a truly authentic Nicaraguan experience, Fritanga Nicaraguense’s most popular dish are their famous enchiladas, stuffed with beef and rice in a thin and delicate tortilla.

The truck is open Tuesday through Sunday from 1 PM to 10 PM. It is located at 4823 Blanco Rd. 78212, San Antonio, TX.

If you’re looking for a taste of Nicaragua in San Antonio, be sure to check out Fritanga Nicaraguense. With its authentic flavors, friendly service, and commitment to quality, Fritanga Nicaraguense is sure to become a favorite among San Antonio food enthusiasts.