February 21, 2024

Arctic blast roars south as San Antonio prepares

This is your warning San Antonio. Indeed that Wednesday, December 21st marks the first day of winter and we’re all about to feel it. We hope that you heard the warning that it’s going to be blistery cold Friday morning as temperatures plummet into the teens. Thursday night should be the last night of “mild” weather.

Thursday morning through midday forecast.

At 7am the temperature starts us at 39 and will slowly rise throughout the day, we may reach a high of 60’s.

Thursday night into Friday morning expect temperatures to start dipping dramatically into the teens. Its going to feel like its in the single digits, maybe even below zero. So dress warm if you have to venture out. There is no precipitation expected so the roads will be okay. Just use caution. Friday’s temperatures will struggle to get above the freezing mark but may reach a high of mid-30’s.

Prepare for the freeze:

Remember the three P’s: Pet’s, Pipe’s and Plants.

Bring in the pets to warm. Know that it is state law that prohibits any tethering or chaining of pets, especially if they’re left unattended in extreme weather events. This includes temperatures that drop below 32 degrees.

Cover your exposed pipes outside with supplies from your local hardware store. If you need to, wrap pipes or faucets outside with dry rags or old clothes, then apply a plastic bag over it and use tape to secure.  Drip one internal faucet to keep water flowing through pipes throughout the cold spell. If your home has plumbing inside the cabinets on outside walls without insulation, leave the cabinet doors open to allow warm air to circulate.

Cover or bring in your plants.

The City of San Antonio announced that they will open 7 warming centers at 3pm Thursday, December 21 throughout the city. Officials ask those who are seeking shelter from the arctic blast to bring clothes, supplies and medication.

  • Normoyle Community Center at 700 Culberson Ave. San Antonio, TX 78225 (Kennel available)
  • South Side Lions Senior Center at 3303 Pecan Valley Drive San Antonio, TX 78210
  • Garza Community Center at 1450 Mira Vista San Antonio, TX 78228 (Kennel available)
  • Christ the King Lutheran Church at 1129 Pat Booker Road Universal City, TX 78148
  • Emergency Services District 5 at 7120 E. 6th Street Somerset, TX 788069
  • Emergency Services District 3 at 23103 Bulverde Rd San Antonio, TX 78259
  • Emergency Services District 7 at 11617 Galm Road San Antonio, TX 78254

Those who need a ride to the warming center can get a free trip using VIA bus service or VIA Link service. Tell the operator of the bus that you’re going to a warming center. VIATrans passengers need to make an appointment and let the reservation agent know that the trip is going to the warming center. Call 3-1-1 or 210-207-6000 to set that up.

The San Antonio Fire Department asks to keep anything that can burn at least three feet away from any heating element. Never ever use your oven to heat your home. Never use portable generators inside or burn charcoal inside. Turn off any portable heaters when leaving a room. Lastly, test your smoke alarms and replace the batteries if needed.

Homeless: The City of San Antonio passed out sheets of information to homeless persons and included a hotline (210-207-1799) that will be available Mon – Fri 8a – 4:30p and will be open until 8p for those who need to get hold of resources or shelter for the time being.

Power Infrastructure: CPS Energy says that they are ready to respond to weather related outages that involves their power lines. If you spot a downed power line, do not go near it. Call CPS Energy at 210-353-4357

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