April 14, 2024

City to only conduct tests on those who have COVID-19 symptoms

Beginning Monday, July 6 the testing sites operated by the City of San Antonio will be only conducting tests on those experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.

This immediate change does impact the free testing site at the Freeman Coliseum, Cuellar Community Center and Kazen Middle School. COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Bexar County / San Antonio metro area and the city wants to reserve those tests for the people that exhibit those symptoms.

“Prioritizing people who have symptoms helps make sure they are tested as soon as possible to then isolate or connect them with their health provider if treatment is needed,” city officials said. “The high demand for no cost testing has at times not allowed people with symptoms to be tested expeditiously.”

Free tests were provided to those who didn’t have healthcare or have adequate healthcare. City officials are asking those to consider their neighbors that need the free testing the most.
If you do have insurance, reach out to your healthcare provider to seek testing for you.